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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  April 8, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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you will decide to join well. send us an e-mail or follow me on twitter or facebook. that is it for the willis report. we will see you tomorrow night. neil: why are democrats pushing tax hikes on the nation when they're own constituents are in trouble if it is a tax breaks to the rescue? welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. democrats who refused to eat their own reporting. but the latest budget proves where the $1 trillion of more attacks and is no surprise like liberals one trick pony intel they need to find another tony. take chuck schumer. please. [laughter] never met dutch tax he did not like aarartly the
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money is drying up because those who would invest in the broadway productions seek cheaper venues elsewhere. do your kid is pricey. so he pushes tax breaks similar to that of the tv and film industry he says is about keeping broadway on broadway and that jobs in new york tuned way to go senator schumer. now give the rest of us a break so while you help cinderella get off of fireback. for real. it is amazing when democrats see the fallout from their ways they reversed course to save their jobs because tax breaks, tax credits or tax cuts work. they create revenues and i commend the senator for saying that. i cannot believe i am saying that. i commend?
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ply suspect he already knew that just like every liberal who professes otherwise because every time push comes to shove it goes just the opposite when trying to get out of the bond. the president has money to spend his budget because he spends the money from the tax breaks that he offers in the same budget and why another politician a democratic governor cuomo is enticing businesses to set up shop in his state because are you sitting down? he will cut their taxes. they all that mitt it works even have press conferences with broadway stars to say that it works. so that means it works and giving phylloxera break works. why would you work so hard to do the opposite one that clearly does not work? you get it. every time you need money you doing. you cut taxes. is embracing a.
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keep doing it. unit mitt you live alive but it beats phantom of the opera on our wallets. to our former white house aide in political prospect editor. is this a trend? ltd. is the one on yvette but the democrats already know this that tax increases hurt the economy. john maynard keynes said 25 percent is all the economy can handle. there is empirical data to back it up for every $1 increase it is a $2 decrease of gdp. but the sad truth is engendering class warfare to imprison into social welfare it is about winning votes.
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neil: but those that invest in the broadway shows are rich individuals. obviously they think that through to his credit and said i need to give them a break or they will break out of hear. >> yes. when moneybags says save the theater what will we do on thursday night? they care about them because it is there one%. that greedy 1% of the corporation is the enemy but if it's a broad way it is there 1% because obama comes into new york every two weeks to get those donations so he will not make them bad. it is very hypocritical but that is not everybody else's 1%. >> but obviously when they are backed into a corner but to try to spend more money
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that is now in his bet j.p. spends tax breaks before that is in the fact but that is okay. he recognizes the brakes will yield some revenue but they don't go all the way. >> this is his m0. he wants to raise taxes on the rich go with his donors in new york, he is always for them because he does someone to raise that that affects wall street in those that fund the campaign. it spreads to other politicians. what about the york city that to go further on the rich. neil: don't hold your breath. he is in the separate league that makes him look like ronald reagan.
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>> the point is if you do that and will send people to florida. those are consequences. neil: you are right. we see evidence of that already. but i do see a pattern he and liberals are much smarter when they let on to argue the opposite that when they need a boost their the get tax credits, tax breaks breaks, incentives to get involved in and they know when they're up against all that works. so why wait? why not make that part of your m0 to be better off? menu will help yourself but they can do that. >> i absolutely agree. >> it is heartening that they will try to give the tax cuts. i support them when i see them but widely vilified the rich or the top earners the
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paris of 35% to operate with the city federal and state taxes? why does he fight for everyone? instead it is the fund-raiser it is not a winning message he will not say it's even though it is the terms -- the truth. neil: it looks like it will pass as much as we have done for filming and entertainment we will do that with broadway so the jobs don't go to toronto. i see what is going on but this will pass then they will revert to to the policies that have heard -- have hurt the recovery. >> it is hypocritical they bend over backwards because this is where they get their money but what about end hardware store on main street? for get him. he has crushing taxes so they will go back to taxing
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everyone knows but curry favors from the limousine liberal elites. they know that works with the only one test to work their people. neil: they're missing a golden opportunity. he will go down as the winston churchill of our age [laughter] basically what we need is to get rid of deductions so there is no favors to jeff powless mower rates in an end and no deductions. >> we are just not getting it. >> we want to make sure your flights stay on until your favorite shot to make sure three delights stay on as gimmickry will welcome you in florida where we have no income-tax. neil: good. i like the kinky conversation. [laughter]
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the the first lady school lunch overhaul. what do you think? that is one way to deal with the obesity problem that the kids don't feel like eating. in raising premiums are one way to take the air out of the balloon but now it is just profit. equal pay day? why are they complaining? we asked people a question, how much money do you think you'll need when you retire? then we gave each person a ribbon to show how many years that amount might last. i was trying to, like, pull it a little further. [ woman ] got me to 70 years old.
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i'm going have to rethink this thing. it's hard to imagin how much we'll need for a retirement that could last 3years or mor so maybe we need to approach things dferently, if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. ♪
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if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. so ally bank has a that wothat's correct.a rate. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark?
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go get help! i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. >> is pay equality of big issue? between men and women. >> adjust for levels of education there is not much of a disparity. >> you should be paid more if you have an education male or female. >> i think the government needs to recognize it. >> i think people have come so far lookout -- it took to get the votes we practically had to killer cells. >> would not like the government to dictate any more than they already do. >> political reasons?
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>> absolutely with the election or something happens they bring it up to say we should do something about it. neil: that is one is to to lady. for men and women it is all pay into comedy his says jesse is creating untold generations and a of or the president should die get involved? >> be careful with the measures of course, there is the disparity between full-time nanny and women working wages. that is around 81% but that is not a measure that has been in-house.
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neil: i thought the president was fighting and 1970's battle today. and then the healthy majority is this an old struggle that he should still have formal end? >> the president is trying to reinvigorate his base to give the new generation of victims'. like your loggers and ironworkers and had 92 percent of the deaths were done by men. jobs with higher risk pay higher also they also tended to go into the lawyers he and finance. brendon who remains and will make 96 percent of the salary as men but the factor is married with children.
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women want to telecommute or have less hours. neil: you seem to care about kids. [laughter] there is that little issue. pep but sureey they would test the san in a rented that i am not for that. is to have a war on women. >> it comes back to the misinterpretation of the data. to save endangered% of the differentiation between men in and women is ted to have a victim alleged brutality as well as scenes have as individuals that bring characteristics into some of work place because that is already illegal. they're protected by two federal laws to say it is a legal.
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>> businesses have been ignoring it. it pays 88 percent of the of an injured person. why don't they put their money where their mouth is. education, work hours in the career paths make a world of difference in living in make comparable wages to been. neil: in the meantime the securities deadline today after today it could be open season for the hackers. wait until all health care savings come they will almost make you forget the increases that just keep coming. >> this will make health
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care more affordable and give you more security.
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>> whenever insurance premiums go up you are told it is because of obamacare even though there is no evidence premiums will be lower this is from people who have health insurance. you will save money. >> my plan will lower your premiums. >> this will lower premiums premiums, make health care more affordable. neil: in retrospect either he did not know or he was being very dishonest. bottom line it is probably being very ignorant and dishonest because health insurance premiums are still going about the fastest rate
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in more than five years to the senator from south carolina that says with the broken promises to stop to let the health care law just go. easier said than done? but the question has been answered is the price increasing? that a answer is absolutely double-digit increases but the lure them the price going up also to see the cost kawabata pocket expenses twice as high as used to me we have to pay the deductible reform get the opportunity for the co pay to see the cost of health insurance exploding with increases in the premiums also increasing the only thing going down is the number of doctors or hospitals you can be seen at.
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the price it and the cost is going up. neil: what about that enrollees? is not as much as it was before a and if not for the law it would be higher? >> made no previous to the complete inception the increase on an annual basis the last couple of years we know that is higher but what we have seen happen with a 7.1 million whatever number you believe is what we do know is according to the "forbes" article 50 percent of the people who were insured through the exchange did not have insurance before they were provided through the change
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85 percent are transferring if you asked if they could buy insurance on the exchange why not? they said it is to expensive neil: if we just focused on jobs right away a lot of them would have had insurance is it too late to do that? >> what have the things we have to do what we look at providing real trading for real people out of work with 4 million vacancies in the country we could put more than one-third of the people back to work if they have the right skills for the right job if we could see that happen we could get that done they would do just that we could see millions of people.
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>> you want to get creance cooling to teach kids basic skills how was that plan different? >> i go the speeches really matter in some parts of the administration but we look for action with the legitimate piece of legislation it would be nice if senator reid was let us have the foot i believe we could put together a bipartisan piece of legislation to see people go back to work that could change the outcome of families every single night in america. neil: but their leader will not bring it to the floor. neil: always a pleasure. coming up, school lunches that even i would not eat.
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(agent) i have the numbers right here and based on the comps that i've found, the timing is perfect. ...there's a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (dad) that's good to know. (mom) i'm so excited. neil: we huffs and puffs a law in an vladimir putin seems to know we are in no position to block house down. so threatening did we just go through that humiliation? because when you are broke it is the kind of stuff that keeps happening. >> it sure does so with the '70s or '80s the soviets were adventuresome with the
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weak economy barack obama finally comes full circle now is officially jimmy carter. to have a strong economy to defeat the soviet union not with defense budgets. we are weak we cannot defend the rest of the world. >> maybe we should not be in this role. civic if we should not be then he is achieving his objective because we will not be but what we have done to counter his objective we said how many? will head. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. cruise missiles into libya? the april gdp is a coat and a half. from egypt in a gaffe afghanistan and iraq. we have this serious problem.
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all of these are adventures san frankly we need them to get a deal in syria and we're just showing of weakness and have depleted the defense abilities. i am shocked at the budget cuts for next year in and the lack of economic growth he still harps and harps on the quality rather than 0.. neil: the latest budget the democrats have proposed years the president about $1 trillion worth over 10 years of their creative with ways to raise more revenue but not cut spending some not on the verge of the credit rating? >> of course, part of the reid distributed -- redistribution model raising taxes on the rich and for the minorities to redistribute income fed to lower total it and come that
6:31 pm
is the of law. they just make it worse to worse every day. neil: you are prescient on this. some now want to bring in my buddy. we were arguing over the break 18 gm is done it will galway animal fat will be sold off but i think it is toast a and says ceo performance last week convinced me there is little credibility but you say not so fast even though you do see some supply issues? >> the first question. says seo is probably one of the best they have seen in a long time. neil: that is like the tallest dwarf. >> i can see how they move quickly when problems arise.
6:32 pm
neil: she denied inspire confidence with the public. >> but she is with the dealers they work with the public. neil: what about the disruption in? the recall? vitter has been some backlog. that is the question and what they have guaranteed if they will be here this week. if not that is an issue they will continue keeping customers into the car whether general motors or a competitor. neil: that i like is? that is an issue. we are very concerned about general motors stickiest routine checks spirit correct past a certain period of time they're put into cars that are not general motors to solicit our own customers for the competition. that it is a concern for
6:33 pm
every gm dealer out there but based on which she is faced with she is doing one heck of a job. neil: but she is a lifer in here is what i worry about. you make some great stuff but in this and byron who will buy them? if you are concerned then you know, you have plenty of other choices. orange you afraid people will look elsewhere? >> the perception is the reality is the sales are climbing whispery bankruptcy. >> we are having challenges that is fair to say with a sales moving forward in the recall is a part of it but if we move past that. neil: do people say i just
6:34 pm
don't feel good? to be giving have a question we work through that. we tell them we have a recall with the ignition problem is and the company has made it apparent to be transparent. neil: day lot of them in the show room? [laughter] we do if we have to do to make the sale. but the parts will be in this week. >> but i am pro gm right now. neil: the president doesn't find the republican budget average -- appetizing cement but we put in place from other financial crisis they
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tried to sell this. neil: unless i republicans don't only serve these type of burger's even the first lady because now the kids are speaking out in and they don't want to eat this any more.
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we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow. neil: the first lady's school lunches standard hit a low that high-school kids are taking to twitter to lash out for all we get for lunch today thank you michelle obama. another. michelle obama this is the healthy school lunch? and another. my school lunch? eating with my daughter the only choice was a scoop of salad. this is sad. >> now to another mother that is not too happy with the program either. you are looking at this.
6:39 pm
>> i am very inspired by the kids having political activism in their life. i would like to thank her to inspire a new generation of americans to see when the government interferes in your life and your choices it never ends up great for you and that applies your school lunch and those that fight health care. neil: what am i looking at? over the is what they did not like? and looks like a perfectly something in a bun. but the kids don't like get. but they exercise their right not to ease but this could be a clever ploy to get in so they starve themselves. quit complaining. >> may be but what got me was the mother's picture when they reported that yesterday looks like a
6:40 pm
chicken patty with half of the kiwi. neil: i did see that. it seemed like of bizarre way to serve a lunch especially apparent. but then again it shows the federal government intrusion is becoming too overreaching. dow they put so many regulations on to the school lunch program it is almost unsustainable that over 1 million students have dropped off as a result from the implementation. neil: then that is good news we don't need the programs bring your own. >> that is a great idea. >> absolutely. it also shows schools should have local control whether curriculum or the other end. with president george w. bush that federal spending has increased by two 1/5% within 0 percent change of
6:41 pm
venue results for kennedy's time the federal government tries to intervene whether improving math and science or a healthy lunch they always fail. let the people on the ground to make the decision this is a decision between parents and children not for the school or the federal government to dictate. we need more freedom fighters. gunderman group is a go. yes! not just a start up. an upstart. gotta get going. gotta be good. good? good. growth is the goal. how do we do that? i talked to ups. they'll help us out. new technology. smart advice.
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neil: have you stop by your atm today? microsoft windows xp is being replaced with something else. and cyberthieves know that this is the day to pounce. how bad could this get? let's ask our own reporters from investment strategies. >> i'm not worried for this reason. there are 210,000 atms in the u.s. bank of america, wells fargo, jpmorgan come they have deals in place with microsoft for life support. >> many people thought the the world what and when we were flipping over on the calendar. but we managed to get through
6:46 pm
okay. the banks are not prepared, shame on them. neil: and shame on me for having them as a bank. >> absolutely. i think it's more of an embarrassment. here's a trivial question for you. why do americans not replace them? atm security platforms, and microsoft has announced that since 2007 the this was going to happen. >> the bank spent more money than any other industry. >> estimate is a guy actually behind the. >> i think everyone should take note of it at the beginning of the day and the end of the day. >> you're not responsible for it. >> the bottom line is that how
6:47 pm
many of you have kids? and how many of you do not have kids? and i don't think that you guys can get away of doing squat. and before you start whining and complaining, you can afford it because you're not paying for braces and schools and parties and when they become teenagers, attitudes. you're not paying for any of that.
6:48 pm
>> so many issues here. neil: tracy and i are struggling. >> i think i'm just going to give you this argument. >> i actually think that it is completely skewed in a completely unfair. and i didn't ask them because i want you to pay for them but because i wanted to change my bedpan when i'm 80. >> what you make of this? because i have to agree with the lady. but the argument goes that you
6:49 pm
have to put some of the bill because the money has cleared and the others don't have as much not pay if you do. >> there's the 99% problem all over again. and just because they have money, they are taxing whoever has the money. >> really. really. and it's all for far-reaching consequences. >> my argument is that you and i are raising the future of america so we should be paid for that. >> be worried. be very, very worried. >> but i also think it's something that are not part of
6:50 pm
this. >> i don't agree. it is a better society as is a benefit that they have come to view. and why can't the government held a? >> well, anyone who does not describe this. [applause] >> i think everyone without children. your own opinion.
6:51 pm
two it's considered a number of states, just so you know. and look who appeared again. okay, guys, want to thank you all. meanwhile, a 20-year-old college woman who wants to know if there any other guys like me out there. my answer is all of you have wanted to know, coming up after this. i ys say be thman with the plan
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♪ [ male announcer ] help brazil reduce its overall reliance on foreign imports with the launch of theountry's largest petrochemical operation. ♪ when emerson takes up the challenge, "it's never been done before" simply becomes consider it solved. emerson. ♪ neil: finally, what is the deal with all of these executive orders out there? about bypassing congress ande the constitution. so why play devils advocate devil's advocate with the judge that you know the president is acting like a dictator? asking my guest to respond to the president rationale. he says it's because congress
6:55 pm
keeps blocking him. all i know is that it is a familiar argument from lots of people. and so are all of these executive orders. i'm glad you pointed out. too many presidents are using these executive orders. and jim in michigan says come on, obama pulling out an executive order? enough is enough tenderloin right that i didn't know that being elected chief executive also made use ceo and cfo of every company in the u.s. as well. and you're very wise to point it out. and obama has no right to tell business owners want to pay their employees. so why is it so wrong to own a business that celebrate and creates jobs and profits for the owner? and some say the same about the president's health care law. it's made the government to powerful and increasingly
6:56 pm
penniless. and the creator of obamacare doesn't even know what is in the affordable care act. you do, and that is the problem. switching years, as this magazine just swing and miss? what is this beauty doing on the cover of a golf magazine and getting a lot of female golfers very ticked? apparently to sell magazines and i am told that it is working. and oh, behave. and you had me going with a legitimate story until you inserted the kate upton video. merely illustrating my point, joe says it is legitimate. a king at that angle.
6:57 pm
and richard in boston says, okay. the cover girl doesn't play golf and the problem with that is samantha in st. louis says i know you have a daughter, is this magazine coverage appropriate for doubt of your national stature? so what about the kate upton and? is that okay? and peter says only you can turn that into an interesting debate. i don't remember anything you say, but looking at a picture is, it was a very interesting debate. and i look forward every day to your insight and perspective. thank you. and todd says done with o'reilly well, you're not alone. and maybe this explains why so many are switching to the divine
6:58 pm
inspiration which explains this question. do you believe in god, writes victor to us. yes, i do. and the spending of the government leads me to believe that you're going to hell. does that concern you? >> no, i'm not, but you are, because if you think it is a scam to stop people spending, they might as well get used to that. [laughter] tory in burlington vermont. i would have assumed that dealing with a major illness would've given you a heart, but i guess i was wrong. when it comes to dealing with viewers like you, i guess you're right, troy, you are wrong. and what is your favorite biggest mistake? >> anyone that is all-you-can-eat. and also, i am asked were you beaten up as a kid? no, no one seemed to know that i was even there. at my graduation the girl in
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front of me said, so you are neil. and she's probably watching and now i'm kicking me for refusing my advances. and christie in rochester says lucky few truly excited? well, finishing a denny's grand slam breakfast and discovering someone picked up the tab in the restaurant. and then tina says i find you incredibly hot, you're credible sense of humor, where can i find a guy like you? well, tina, you can't. you settle for less right now. settle for much less. you only end up beating your head against the wall hoping lightning strikes twice. they threw away the mold with me. have a nice life. meanwhile, keep these e-mails coming. anything you want to know, as long as it doesn't get too, to
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personal. i will answer them all. we are all about business and people have no idea that i'm answering these questions. ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. secretary of state john kerry threatening both russia and iran today. secretary john kerry proclaiming that the united states is not in the cold war with russia but he's accusing winer couldn't of uprising in eastern ukraine. an effort that secretary kerry this is being used to justify future russian military engagement. threatening that he will be held accountable. here is the secretary of state testifying before the senate foreign relations committee


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